Office Centers and Shopping Malls

Communication problems between landlords and tenants in Office Centres or Shopping Malls can indeed lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and frustration. However, with the powerful SaaS solution Alloca, all of these issues can be effectively resolved

1 day set up
Monthly SaaS
Easy start
No IT Capex
5k daily users
Powerful QR
All in one tool

Alloca promotes transparency, responsiveness, and understanding, ultimately fostering a positive and cooperative landlord-tenant relationship.


Alloca can ensure that agreements, policies, and responsibilities are clearly defined and accessible to both parties, eliminating ambiguity about due dates, maintenance requests, and premises rules. This clarity minimizes confusion and conflicts.

Fast Response Time

Alloca features automated communication tools that prompt landlords to respond promptly to tenant inquiries, maintenance requests, and concerns. This proactive approach prevents issues from worsening due to delays.

Maintenance Issues Management

Tenants can easily report maintenance problems through Alloca’s user-friendly platform, ensuring that landlords receive timely notifications. Landlords can efficiently manage and schedule necessary repairs, preventing deteriorating conditions.

Privacy Control

Alloca incorporates features for requesting property access and visits, ensuring that both parties adhere to agreed-upon rules, thereby respecting each other’s privacy.

Dispute Resolution

The platform could keep all documentation and communication messages, encouraging amicable resolutions to disagreements over terms, who said to what and when, and other matters, thus reducing the risk of legal action.

Alloca interface on computers

Consistent Communication Channels

Alloca provides standardized communication channels for specific matters, eliminating confusion and ensuring efficient and effective communication between landlords and tenants.

Better Emotional Communication

Alloca’s structured approach to communication helps keep emotions in check during challenging conversations. This promotes a calm and rational dialogue when dealing with sensitive issues.

Alloca interface on smartphones
Alloca interface on tablets

Alignment of Expectations

Alloca encourages both parties to openly discuss and document their expectations and responsibilities. This ensures that tenants and landlords have a shared understanding of the property’s condition, responsibilities, and timelines, reducing potential conflicts.

How it works

Cases of using Alloca in Office Centers and Shopping Malls

Profound impact from implementation of the system

+ 1 %
Objectives achieving rate
+ 1 %
Resource efficiency ​
+ 1 %
Employees hours without deadtime
+ 1 %
People moral satisfaction

What our clients say

Inna Primkha
Inna PrimkhaAdministrator of the Skypark shopping center
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"With the help of Alloca we’ve organized the application, processing and tracking of shopping mall tenants’ requests in one system. Thanks to the system, we also got the opportunity to evaluate the work of the cleaning contractor, which simplified the process of managing and accepting the result of their work."
Olga Yushchenko
Olga YushchenkoChief Administrator of the Horizon Park Office center
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"After implementation of Alloca, we managed to simplify the work of the accounting and administrative departments with paid services for tenants. Now our financiers automatically receive not only information about the services performed, but also details, such as the amount of materials spent."
Olesya Shmorgun
Olesya ShmorgunDirector of the Horizon Park Office center
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"With the help of Alloca, we managed to minimize personal communication between BC employees and tenants in the process of solving their problems. We have brought all communication into one system and have minimized phone calls and emails."
Vladimir Kucherenko
Vladimir KucherenkoChief Engineer, Horizon Park Office center
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"The usage of Alloca helped us to optimize the work with executors of requests from tenants, to organize the internal work of engineers and to simplify the work with administrators. Alloca helps to analyze the work of employees by time, which is important for our planning."
Natalia Ivanova
Natalia IvanovaProject Manager, Dragon Capital Property Management
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"Our partnership with Alloca began in 2019 with two completely different office and retail properties. We wanted to analyze the performance of Alloca both in shopping malls and in Office centers. As a result, now we are connecting the second dozen objects, including warehouse complexes. Alloca helps us to automate administrative processes and to remove the human factor in accounting for the effectiveness of the management team. With the help of analytics, I can quickly find out what is happening at all connected objects and see trends in work done by the administration and executives."


Software configuration takes one working day. 

We start with a conference call or a short offline meeting. Please leave your contacts here. Since the first conversation, we could suggest the launch plan. In 95% of cases you only need to fill in a short questionnaire and provide a list of employees. We are using some effective frameworks which help to make it easy and fun for you. The rest we can prepare within one day.

Yes, we provide the possibility to work with Alloca via API. Several of our customers integrated their internal systems with Alloca successfully and are very happy with the results of getting additional wide Alloca functionality through smooth integration.

Alloca is intuitively simple and user friendly. End users start using Alloca from the first day with no training required. We provide training for users if needed. And it is for free.

To start working with Alloca you need a full name, an email, and employees’ phone numbers. These are enough to create system accounts.

The account holders’ data is kept in the EU file servers. Current international regulations in the EU ensure data security and unhindered cooperation with other regions. Before the start we conclude a confidentiality agreement that protects your clients’ and vendors’ data against data transmission to third parties for commercial and personal use.

The cost depends on the enterprise size and functionality you need. Our vision is to bring value to any customer and we are free in our decisions. Let us talk and find the Win-Win or Win-Win-Win approach. Curious about what we mean? Let us explain.

Yes. Our vision is centered on delivering value to each and every customer. How can you be assured that you’re genuinely benefiting from our services? The true test lies in experiencing it firsthand. To enable this, we’re offering you a full month of a productive trial period at no cost. Following this trial period, you have the option to enter into a contract with us.

Alloca is accessible from any device: PC, tablet and phone. Mobile first approach gives you Alloca Mobile Application and powerful Messenger Bots in Telegram and Viber . Bots synchronized fully with Alloca and provide wide functionality. We can offer your own Mobile Application based on the existing Alloca Mobile Application

4 hours 30 minutes

The lead time necessary to configure Alloca for productive use in your company


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