Alloca offers a comprehensive solution for franchisors to overcome the challenges of maintaining consistency, allocating resources, facilitating collaboration, balancing standardization and customization, and measuring and improving outcomes in the franchising process. By leveraging the powerful features of Alloca, franchisors can enhance their franchise performance, drive growth, and achieve long-term success

We help you to grow, scale and effectively manage operations maximizing unit profitability, stimulating leads generation and increase franchisee engagement

All-in-one solution for your franchising business.

1 day set up
Monthly SaaS
Easy start
No IT Capex
5k daily users
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Our Clients

With Alloca, franchisors can

Maximize Sales Efficiency

Streamline lead management for higher close rates. Manual processes and limited insights hinder effective lead qualification, prioritization, and tracking. Don’t let 59% of franchise sales leads go unattended—Alloca’s automated system empowers you to expertly qualify, prioritize, and nurture engaged candidates in a centralized platform. Sell more with Alloca

Speed Up Onboarding and Compliance

Say goodbye to delays, miscommunication, and inefficiencies when bringing on new franchisees. Alloca automates these challenges, ensuring a seamless process that integrates seamlessly with your franchise operations, reducing the time to the first dollar

Boost Unit Revenue

Enhance brand reach, attract new customers, and foster repeat business. Overcoming challenges in executing a successful localized marketing strategy is crucial for franchisees. Alleviate issues like technical expertise, ineffective targeting, and off-brand messaging to achieve success

Optimize Franchise Revenue & Performance​

57% of franchisors lack a system for monitoring field execution and performance. Alloca eliminates communication barriers, enhancing franchisee accountability and compliance

Prioritize Operational Performance

Successful franchise brands go beyond compliance, fostering consultative relationships with franchisees. Alloca replaces manual processes for coaching, facilitating standardized monitoring, reporting, and corrective actions to maximize franchisee performance

Alloca interface on computers

Boost Franchisee Engagement

Cultivate strong relationships with franchisees through consistent communication and information sharing. Alloca provides the tools and content needed for growth in one place, fostering active engagement. Share best practices in a collaborative community, centrally manage operational materials, and reduce support costs

Simplify Franchise Data

Establish a Single Source of Truth for Your System. Manage franchise information and history in one place. Overcome the challenge of effective information management across your franchise system. Track contract details and unit data in a centralized tool. Automate and streamline multi-unit relationship management

Alloca interface on smartphones
Alloca interface on tablets

Gain Full Franchise Insights

Don’t waste time chasing data and dealing with siloed reports. Access a comprehensive, real-time view of your system. Empower franchisees with a personalized dashboard displaying real-time performance, action items, and priorities tailored to their goals. The user-friendly interface customizes content and workflows based on individual accountability

With Alloca, you easily:

Fuel Your Emerging Brand

Attain System-Wide Excellence. Utilize dashboard views for franchise unit performance, cutting down time on field visits. Identify trends, challenges, and areas for improvement swiftly. Develop programs to address non-compliance

Enhance Performance through Visits

Schedule and conduct field or virtual visits, and develop corrective action plans for franchisees, improving visit impact and efficiency. Say goodbye to isolated documents and spreadsheets—automated workflows trigger follow-up tasks on non-compliant items

Franchisee Self-Assessments

Enhance engagement with self-assessments, an effective complement to field visits. Integrate self-assessments into day-to-day operations to streamline unit-level processes

System Analytics

Easily access and share vital unit information, evaluate performance, and assess accumulated data like field visits or corrective actions. Drive accountability through KPI-focused processes, leveraging straightforward metrics for more effective change

Mobile App

Monitor operational performance on the go with the Alloca Mobile App. Conduct onsite field visits, seamlessly upload location pictures for compliance proof, and share ideal compliance images for meaningful coaching

Outshine the Competition

Franchises contend with fierce market rivals. To attract customers, franchisees must emphasize strengths and expose competitors’ weaknesses. Competitive intelligence solutions aid in analyzing competitors’ performance and trends

Efficient Recruiting and Retention

Franchises often struggle to find skilled and reliable staff. High turnover increases costs and affects the customer experience. Implementing a Voice of the Employee (VoE) program and online reviews can enhance employee satisfaction and retention

Adapt to Changing Customer Expectations

In times of economic uncertainty, customer expectations shift. Franchise businesses should utilize technologies like sentiment analysis and natural language processing to understand and enhance customer feedback, improving the overall customer experience

Establish a Solid Infrastructure

Smooth franchise operation relies on a stable infrastructure. New franchisors may face challenges in setting up efficient systems. Building a robust infrastructure is crucial for ensuring business operations run smoothly and contribute to success

Succeed locally

Understanding the local community and target audience is crucial for franchise success. Get insights and research the target market, analyze the competition, and tailor their offerings to meet local preferences effectively

Balance autonomy

Franchisees often have limited control over the operation of their business. Franchisors enforce the rules and guidelines to maintain brand consistency. Franchisees must strike a balance between following the brand standards and implementing their own ideas to run a successful franchise

Finding work-life balance

Franchise ownership requires full-time commitment and dedication. Franchisees need to ensure that they have the time and energy to manage all aspects of the business. Strike a healthy work-life balance and contribute to long-term success

Profound impact from implementation of the system

+ 1 %
Objectives achieving rate
+ 1 %
Resource efficiency ​
+ 1 %
Employees hours without deadtime
+ 1 %
People moral satisfaction

What our clients say

Inna Primkha
Inna PrimkhaAdministrator of Skypark Shopping Mall
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"Utilizing Alloca, we have streamlined the application, processing, and tracking of multiple requests from shopping mall tenants within a unified system. Additionally, the system has enabled us to assess the performance of our cleaning provider, automating the management and approval of their work outcomes.."
Olga Yushchenko
Olga YushchenkoChief Administrator of Horizon Park Office Center
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"Following the implementation of Alloca, we have successfully streamlined the operations of our accounting and administrative departments responsible for managing paid services provided to tenants. Presently, our financial team automatically receives comprehensive reports, including service details and material consumption quantities, enhancing our financial oversight and efficiency."
Olesya Shmorgun
Olesya ShmorgunDirector Horizon Park Office Center
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"Through the utilization of Alloca, we have effectively reduced direct interactions between our business center personnel and tenants during issue resolution. We have centralized all communication within a single system, resulting in a significant reduction in phone calls and emails."
Vladimir Kucherenko
Vladimir KucherenkoChief Engineer Horizon Park Office Center
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"Leveraging Alloca has allowed us to enhance our engagement with executors of tenants requests, streamline our internal engineering processes, and facilitate administrative tasks. Alloca provides valuable time-based analytics for evaluating employee performance, which is instrumental in our strategic planning efforts."
Natalia Ivanova
Natalia IvanovaDirector Dragon Capital Property Management
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"Our strategic partnership with Alloca commenced in 2019, encompassing two distinct office and rental properties. Our objective was to assess Alloca's performance across both shopping malls and office centers. Subsequently, we have expanded our collaboration to include an additional 30 Dragon Capital Property Management premises, including warehouse complexes. Alloca has proven instrumental in automating administrative processes and mitigating human errors helping significantly to our management team. Through analytics and real-time insights, I can promptly gain comprehensive visibility into the operations of over 30 premises, discern trends in task completion by management and executives, and evaluate the performance of service providers selected to address requests across the entire portfolio."


Software configuration takes one working day. 

We start with a conference call or a short offline meeting. Please leave your contacts here. Since the first conversation, we could suggest the launch plan. In 95% of cases you only need to fill in a short questionnaire and provide a list of employees. We are using some effective frameworks which help to make it easy and fun for you. The rest we can prepare within one day.

Yes, we provide the possibility to work with Alloca via API. Several of our customers integrated their internal systems with Alloca successfully and are very happy with the results of getting additional wide Alloca functionality through smooth integration.

Alloca is intuitively simple and user friendly. End users start using Alloca from the first day with no training required. We provide training for users if needed. And it is for free.

To start working with Alloca you need a full name, an email, and employees’ phone numbers. These are enough to create system accounts.

The account holders’ data is kept in the EU file servers. Current international regulations in the EU ensure data security and unhindered cooperation with other regions. Before the start we conclude a confidentiality agreement that protects your clients’ and vendors’ data against data transmission to third parties for commercial and personal use.

The cost depends on the enterprise size and functionality you need. Our vision is to bring value to any customer and we are free in our decisions. Let us talk and find the Win-Win or Win-Win-Win approach. Curious about what we mean? Let us explain.

Alloca is accessible from any device: PC, tablet and phone. Mobile first approach gives you Alloca Mobile Application and powerful Messenger Bots in Telegram and Viber . Bots synchronized fully with Alloca and provide wide functionality. We can offer your own Mobile Application based on the existing Alloca Mobile Application

4 hours 30 minutes

The lead time necessary to configure Alloca for productive use in your company


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